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It's No "Sudden Impact" But It'll Do

I may be mistaken but I think we're getting a first glimpse into the sloganization of the 2007-2008 Syracuse men's basketball team. Currently up on the rotating banner you can see this image:

Aside from the odd aesthetic choice to use a photo of Jimmy B that makes him look like a drooling invalid, it seems we're going with some very straight-forward tactics in explaining our overall goals for the season. Let's take a closer look.

The Future Is Here - I get it. It's clean. It makes literal sense with the star freshmen joining the club. Okay, you've won me over. Hooray for marketing.

Together We Stand - A little more abstract. Borders on "Sudden Impact" territory without being too bland. Makes for a nice mental image of the team walking in slow-motion down the court together with five seconds left on the clock, down one and ready to do whatever it takes to beat those God damn Huskies, even if Devendorf has to pull that shiv out of his sock and stab Jim Calhoun in the gut when no ones looking. Or is that just me?