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I Can Get Bernie Mac Attached To Either Of These

For better or worse (and the fact that we're even discussing it...its probably worse), this weekend's game against Buffalo will be a major plot point in the saga of Greg Robinson's tenure as Syracuse head coach. The story will be told for years to come in print, on radio, TV and on the blogonets.

But Syracuse's stories beg to be told on the big screen. Ernie Davis' story is coming to a theater near you next year. It won't be long after that when The Tebucky Jones TeMovie hits screens as well (it may or may not carry a more mainstream-friendly name).

Ernie played in the 50's and TeBucky's story is so twentieth century. What about Syracuse's story in 2007? What kind of movie will it be?

Will it be the feel-good laugher the whole family can enjoy? (Assuming your family has a high threshold for groin kicks)

Or will it be the gritty, emotional drama that rips at your core, daring you to keep watching until the heart-wrenching, dramatic conclusion?

Only problem with the second one, you'll be able to guess the ending from the get-go. We'll know for sure come Sunday.