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I Brought Back The Quest-O-Meter For This!?!?

Living on the West Coast, I didn't get to see the game on TV. I do, however, have Sirius and was in my car during the 4th quarter. With a little bit of time left I had to make a quick stop. I got out, ran my errand and got back in. When I turned the car and radio back on, the display read SU 14, Mia 14 and there was about a minute left. The Orange were faced with a 4th down situation in their own territory and they were going for it. I was beside myself. What the hell are they doing? The score is tied! If they mess us, Miami has an easy field goal for the win.

Syracuse didn't convert on the 4th down and I threw my hands up in the air. That was it. I was done dealing with this horribly-managed team.

Turns out, the display was wrong. It was actually 17-14 Miami and going for it was all SU could do to try and win. There was a weird serenity to the truth. I said to myself "Thank God we're not THAT big a group of idiots."

That's what it comes down to, really. Being thankful our football team isn't run by people (or a person) who isn't a bigger idiot.

As usual, I'm late to the party when it comes down to breaking down all the things Greg Robinson did horribly wrong, so I send you the Axeman and Orange44 to sort out the rubble.

The Syracuse offense is basically a Jenga tower teetering on its last legs. Even with all the pieces intact, its still on the verge of collapse. As long as those pieces at least do what their supposed to (O-line block, receivers catch balls, running backs carry for more than 3 yards at a time), the tower stands. If just one of those pieces falters, the entire thing comes crashing down. The only difference, of course, is that instead of yelling "Jenga!," you're left to yell "Mother F*$#%^ C$#@#$%^ucker Sh&^%*%*licker As#@%$#^ag."

Bring on the "Hey, Louisville was a ranked team licking its wounds and we then we beat them" analogies as West Virginia comes to town. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Here's the only problem, Louisville actually wasn't as good as we thought. West Virginia actually is, they just ran into a team that was just as good.