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Hogue-y Haven

The Axeman already popped some blood vessels over this but it bears further discussion...wither Doug Hogue, Greg? Delone Carter is on the sidelines. Boonah Brinkley, be it his fault or not, is not producing. Jeremy Sellers sounds like the name of a backup fullback and yet he got some PT yesterday and faired no better than Boonah. So again, why not a little Hogue-y action?

Is the freshman halfback just not ready or is there something we don't know about? Is there some kind of unsaid understanding that no matter how poorly the running game is, we will not play freshman at halfback and offensive line positions to see if they can earn their stripes?

Trying to figure out Greg Robinson's game strategy is a little like trying to figure out what's going on inside the head of a two-year-old. You can see why they would continue to eat glue and crawl towards the nearby highway, but you'll never really be able to understand the brain patterns behind it.

Still, it is fun to watch Axe take one for the team and try:

Robinson: "Well, we probably would have given Doug more carries except in this game, we didn't have the opportunities. We really didn't. We didn't get the reps. The thought was to get Doug in the game somewhere in the second half. It never really was able to materialize."

Axe: desk. UGGG!! We didn't have the opportunities? What kind of coachspeak garbage is that? Why didn't you have the opportunity, coach? Because Jeremy Sellers was putting on a clinic out there?

(By the way, anyone reading from the Princeton, NJ area, if the title of this post hasn't already immediately forced you to leave work right now and head to Hoagie Haven for a 12-inch meatball sub, well then, you're dead to me. And I don't even know you to begin with.)