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The Fire Coach X website has become so common its almost expected these days the second a head coach loses a game (which literally did happen in Alabama with Nick Saban). For the Orange, we have FireCoachRobinson and GRobMustGo but neither seem to be kicking it into high gear at a time when you would think their existence is needed most. Maybe everything that needed to be said about Robinson has been said.

Perhaps there's another target worthy of mockery and disdain? A person in the Syracuse athletics program whose employment status needs to have a website railing against it?

Get Gross Out is that website and DOCTOR Daryl Gross is that person. Dedicated to the removal of Daryl Gross as Athletic Director of Syracuse University, GGO is your one-stop shop for all things anti-DOCTOR, and they seem to be doing a good job on the updates, especially noting that CoachesHotSeat recently did an Athletic Directors Hot Seat (you'll have to scroll down a bit). Guess who's at #9?

Gross came into Syracuse with high expectations from Southern Cal in 2004 and he promptly fired Paul Pasqualoni and replaced him with Greg Robinson. Robinson has gone 7-24 (.226) in 2+ seasons and Gross now find himself under tremendous pressure for what has been nothing short of a disaster for the Orangemen football program. Gross surely realizes that he is going to have to fire Robinson at the end of this season, and he will then be under tremendous pressure to hire a winner this time around. Gross was a high-flyer in the Southern Cal athletic department and was surely destined for great things when he took the Syracuse AD job, but the Greg Robinson hire is on the resume, and Gross knows there is only one way out of this mess. Correct a bad hire with a good one, and move quickly since so many good jobs will be open in the upcoming off-season. We haven’t a clue to what Gross is looking for in his next head coach, but one thing he must do is hire someone that matches the culture at Syracuse, and someone that can return the Orangemen to the top of at least the Big East.

How tough is it to be AD at Nebraska? Tom Osbourne's been on the job for a little over a week and he's already #8 on the list.

Thanks Axeman for the heads' up. Photo credit: Daily Orange