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Greg's Pain Is Our Pleasure

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As we all know by now, Greg Robinson has a way with words. Up until recently, its been his internal filter that has provided us with some wonderfully deflective nuggets, including his catch phrase. But now the filter is starting to break down. If it were a Brita, there would be little black pieces floating around in the unfiltered liquid inside his head (which may not be very far off from the truth) and some fun stuff is starting to seep through.

By the way, NEW CATCH PHRASE ALERT. See how many times you can
count "quite frankly" in Greg's chat transcript. I count eight. Get those t-shirts ready!!!

On calling Rutgers a "one-year-wonder":

"I don't think that is fair for them to be saying that because I don't know if I said that."

A double "I don't know" and an extremely confusing run-on sentence. A masterful stroke of Rumsfeldian deflection.


"Quite frankly, we recruited five players from New Jersey this past season and two of them have been making a contribution."

I have no idea what that has to do with the question asked but we appreciate your attention to detail.

"They asked me about the statement that was made and asked me if I had seen it and I said I had. I was specifically asked something and I gave an answer to it and that's the bottom line."

Genius! The first part deftly deflects the actual verbal saying of the statement to some other person. Greg then implies he has the magical ability to see what those around him can say (he's a witch!). Then he brings it full circle by admitting he said what he said he didn't say he said. Just a master brush stroke.

Robinson was sure to stoke the fire though, when asked about the helmet-to-helmet hit:

Quite frankly
, I'm interested to see how the officials in grading the film see what I term was a vicious blow to the head to (quarterback) Andrew Robinson. The thing I remember so well, I go back to a year ago at Rutgers on the opening series of the game when (Syracuse cornerback) Tanard Jackson leaps over the running back, who blocks him into (Rutgers quarterback) Mike Teel, and sacks him. But he (Jackson) gives him a glancing blow to his helmet as he's coming down to sack him and we get a 15-yard penalty right there. I'm just frustrated when I look at the film and see the vicious blow to the helmet (this past Saturday) and instead it's a fumble – instead of first-and-10 on the 19-yard line going in. You needed a break right there because our guys had kind of fought back into it and put themselves into position to maybe go in and get some kind of score. Instead we come away with the defense going back out there and keeping them from getting a field goal right there. That to me is a little frustrating to me when I look at it and that's not to take away from things we could have done better.

Riiiiight. That's a parting shot at the "officials." Riiiiiight.

And on if he's going to step in the coordination of the offense or defense:

"I don't see I'm going to jump in anything. I'm going to do what I can do to help."

Doesn't it make you feel good to know you can count on your head football coach to "help."

Finally, on the renewed life in the running game:

"There has been two weeks in a row that there has been life to the running game and I'm glad to see it. You're seeing it and I’m seeing it and obviously nobody has complained."

That's right Greg, not a peep. No complaints here. Couldn't be better.