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The Ghosts Of Syracuse Coaching Past And Coaching Future

Lock your houses, board up the windows and hide the women and children. If you can, find a lamb, sacrifice it and paint your doors with its blood. Coach P is returning!!!

Well, kinda. As a coach with the Dallas Cowboys, Paul will be returning to Upstate New York for the first time since he was fired by Syracuse. Chances are, Paul won't be stopping by the university for any photo ops but you have been warned. If you're out on campus, especially after dark, bring a weapon and/or a Bible. It only takes one touch from Pasqualoni and you will spend the rest of your life somehow doing enough to satisfy those around you but never truly living up to expectations. It's a numb existence.

So as Coach P passes over our community once more, comes the news that another potential head coach whom we can rob of any self-dignity and self-respect after he loses a couple times is in our midst. Is Randy Edsall thinking about pulling a Tom O'Brien? The Axeman lets us know that Tom Dienhart in The Sporting News thinks so:

"I have heard Syracuse may not have the money to buy out Greg Robinson. But if a change is made, UConn's Randy Edsall could be a top target. In fact, some have told me his people already have reached out to Syracuse. He's an SU alum. The Orange was interested in Edsall before Greg Robinson got the job"

Axe breaks down the reasons this probably would never happen, including the fact Syracuse can't afford to buy-out Robinson, UConn is a conference rival and Edsall single-handidly built that program into the cupcake-destroying 5-0 juggernaut it is today. Still, we know the guy can recruit in the Northeast. We know the guy can win. And he's an alum and former player, which is always a nice little bonus. Whether this is true or not, expect the rumors to keep coming. Until he publicly squashes these rumors and puts them to bed, he's going to be candidate #1 for the job. Assuming there is an opening, of course...