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Get Your Aural Nunes Fix

Reading my complaints about the Syracuse football program is fun, but imagine how great it would be to listen to my complaints about the Syracuse football program! Now you can...CFB Weekly, the college football blog radio show, talked a little Syracuse with me earlier this week and now their latest podcast is up.

Along with my Andrew Robinson vs. Donovan McNabb comparison and discussion about how I "stormed the court" at a Syracuse football game once (ugh...), the show also talks to other blogs about the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, a preview of Thursday's big ACC game between BC and Virginia Tech, and an analysis of Pitt's program and a debate over how the undefeated 2004 Auburn squad would have fared against national champion USC that year).

It's a solid program. If you're just in it for the Cuse, skip ahead to around the 25 minute mark, but then you'll miss a Pitt fan talking about how senile Lou Holtz out-thought Dave Wannstedt last week.