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Finally, The Cleveland Cavaliers Have Star Power

The Cleveland Cavs have won the Demetris Nichols Derby by claiming him, according to his agent Bill Neff. I don't quite understand this "claiming" business, I just assumed Nichols was a free agent and therefore open to anyone who wanted to sign him. Instead, NBA free agency apparently operates much like silent auctions. I didn't know that.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed and there's quite a few forwards on the roster already. It remains to be seen how much PT Demetris can get, but at least this ensures that the next time Daryl Watkins sends him an "Are you an NBA player yet, cause I am." email, Demetris can respond rather than sending to spam.

Nice to see the Cavs are excited about Demetris, by the way. Enjoy the homepage placement, D, it might be a while after this...