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Experience The Madness From The Privacy Of Your Dark, Dingy Basement

Sure, tickets were free and more plentiful by the hour on Friday, but you didn't have to go to 7:00 Madness at SU to see all the basketbally goodness. You just need some of the YouTubes and eBays to show you the good stuff.

Here's the SU men's team having some fun right before introductions.

Paul Harris dunking over two guys followed by some failed attempts to do anything quite as good.

Here's another view of Paul Harris' dunk. I hope somebody checked on this kid afterwards.

Daryl Gross addressing the fans. According to the poster, "Gross was booed when he was introduced moments before." Asking the fans to "hush up" probably isn't the best way to stop that from happening again.

Some hot, barely legal scrimmaging action with some AWWWWKWARD voiceover by Raftery (hey, he's your boy, not mine).

Arinze Onuaku breaks the backboard and Bill Raftery makes a hot mess in his pants. He then asks "for a redo" which, I think, might take a while. More angles of the destruction here, here and here.