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Even In Victory, Greg Is Greg

The win was nice, but more importantly, what could Greg Robinson say to spoil things by making them awkward? Let's find out...

"Good afternoon and I mean that (smiling). I don’t know if I meant it last Saturday."


"I give Buffalo a lot of credit; they have a nice football team."

Oh, they're nice...nice...apparently you think of them as a woman friend. (Where are my So I Married An Axe Murderer fans?)

"We had some plays in there for Andrew (Robinson) and we’ve had plays in there for a long time."

Read that one a couple times. Pretty soon your brain will start to melt.

"It’s great that we have a bye right now because we need a bye."

God damn the man has some tight logic.

"It’s great and it really is good."

Just a thought, Greg, but I'd go the other way with that. Actually on second thought, I'd just stick to one of those at a time.

One of Greg's more eloquatious weeks, I have to say. With some probably losses on the horizons, we look forward to seeing how the English language can be mangled in the future. (And yes, I'm pretty sure I just made up "eloquatious")