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  • Updates on "original" Mookie, Damone and Demetris in the NBA...Cuse Country
  • Breakdown of the fresh faces already in the 2008 b-ball recruiting class...Mike Waters
  • Axe chats with the rarely-discussed but soon to be very important Arinze Onuaku...Axeman Bloggeth
  • Single tickets for the upcoming b-ball season are on sale. What are you waiting for?...SUAthletics
  • An Oregon writer calls Syracuse's uniforms the worst in the country. Read that sentence again...Statesman Journal
  • The only thing stopping South Florida from playing in the title game may be their name...CollegeGameBalls
Finally, I know you've said to yourself at some point, "God, the name of this blog is so convoluted and so unwieldly, I wish there was a way to make the URL even more cumbersome." Well now you can! When you type in it will automatically take you to the blog. So go ahead and update your bookmarks. Or don't! The blogspot URL will work fine as well. Carry on...