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  • The man in charge of making sure basketball coaches observe proper decorum while on the sideline is...Jim Boeheim? Wait, THAT Jim Boeheim???...Orange44
  • Ah, back in the Bottom Ten. Good to be back with Idaho and FIU...ESPN
  • Greg Robinson might want to keep his real estate agent's number handy...Forde-Yard Dash
  • Greg Schiano cares not of your helmet-on-helmet hit concerns...MSGi
  • A South Florida alum tries to make sense of it all...Slate
  • Nervous South Florida Football Team Kind Of Hoping They Lose...The Onion
Finally, an oldie but goodie returns to the Intertubes!!! The Matt Gorman ass dance!!! I don't know how well this kind of stuff will go over in Ireland, but who among us doesn't like a little bare-ass dancin' from time to time?