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The Comedic Stylings Of Greg Robinson

Coach Robinson has been accused of many things. He's too soft, he's too nice, he's not firey enough, he's not passionate, he lacks charisma, he lactates and that milk is used in all the Syracuse dining halls because it contains 120% of the daily intake value of Vitamin B (One of those things may be made up).

But have you ever heard someone refer to Robinson as "not very funny?" Of course not, especially after Wednesday's one-man show: "I Went To Oxford, Ohio And All I Got Was This Dang 1-4 Record."
Here's some of the highlights, all of which will be available on his upcoming comedy album.

Asked about how kicker Patrick Shadle had grown as a kicker?

"About an inch and 15 pounds."

When asked about the West Virginia game and what he "expected the Dome to look like on Friday night?" (Oops, the game will be played on Saturday)

"On Friday night, I think it'll be very dark. I don't think I'll get a chance to even see it."

And what would the night be without impressions? Here, Robinson does an uncanny Allen Iverson:

"We're still talking about Miami. No, really. I'd just soon talk about West Virginia. We're getting ready to go. I've already talked to you about it (Sunday). I think I was pretty darn straight up with you. OK. I don't really need to get into all that, really, right now. I really, unless there's something you must have. Have you already written the story? I'll give you a quote if you need a quote. I'll be glad to. I'm ready to move on. I really am. I've been spending a lot of hours watching West Virginia. I can't even remember Miami."

Greg will be appearing at Chuckle's Laughateria Thursday through Sunday. $10 at the door, two drink minimum. Bring the whole darn family!