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The Carousel Is Starting To Pick Up Speed

The call for Greg Robinson's firing has become louder and louder in recent weeks, including from this site. As a fanbase, we're ready to pack the guy's bags, drive him to the airport, buy him a copy of Field & Stream for the flight and send him on his way. But let's not forget one very important piece of the puzzle.

Who do we hire once he's gone?

With each passing day, that question is becoming tougher to answer. Why? Just take a look...

  • Folks in the know are reporting that Texas A&M's Dennis Franchione will be bought out at the end of the season after his booster newsletter fiasco (the lack of on-the-field success doesn't help things). Even if this is just speculation, Franchione probably isn't making it past this season.
  • Overlord of all that is Nebraska football, Tom Osbourne, has returned to the Cornhuskers as AD. This is pretty much the death knell of Bill Callahan's time as head coach.

  • Barring another win over USC, Karl Dorrell is likely out at UCLA.

  • While he's probably not in jeopardy of being fired as much as he was last month, Lloyd Carr might find it in his best interest to walk away from Michigan at the end of the season. Another loss to Ohio State may seal that deal. And if Carr does walk away, does that mean LSU's Les Miles heads north?
So...let's recap. If all of these things play out the way it seems, the following jobs might be available after this season:

LSU, Nebraska, Michigan, Texas A&M, UCLA, Washington State, Arizona, Arkansas and Pitt

That's not even taking into account programs such as Clemson or Ole Miss where changes might be in the mix. Now, I'm not saying all of these positions and schools are better than Syracuse. But look at the match-ups. How can Syracuse compete with Nebraska for Turner Gill's services? How could Syracuse convince Paul Johnson they're a better opportunity than UCLA? Would Randy Edsall come coach his alma mater that's in the toilet or would he rather build a career at Pitt where things don't seem as bad? Does Larry Coker want to come out retirement and take over this Orange program or would he be better off stepping in at Texas A&M where they're on the fringe of national rankings?

Some of those specific situations are a little unrealistic but consider this a little devil's advocating. Sure, the ideal situation might be to replace Robinson with a name or an up-and-coming talent. But that might not be an available option to us when its all said and done. There may not be a good answer other than to take a chance on another assistant coach looking for his first gig. Time will tell. But first things first, let's see if this is going to be something we start actively discussing next year...or next week.