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But You Already Knew All This

I spent the weekend at one of those convention/seminar/retreats where you are separated from the known world from 9am til 11pm for three straight days and provided with minimal access to the information coming from the outside. What's funny about these kinds of situations is that when you finally do rejoin society, even the smallest shifts or changes have a huge effect on you. "Why Did I Get Married? is the #1 movie at the box office? Good God, put me back in cryogenics!"

So you can imagine the shock one gets when he does what I did, with full knowledge that LSU and Cal were in command of the football polls and returns to find Ohio State and South Florida in line to play for the national title. I felt like the guy on South Park who was frozen in 1996 and awoke in 1999 to find the Atlanta Falcons playing in the Super Bowl as his whole paradigm crashed (bout half way through the video):

South Park - 218 - Prehistoric Ice Man

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I haven't filled out my BlogPoll yet for this week, mostly because I'm still figuring out what happened, but looking around at other polls I'm seeing Boston College, South Florida, Kentucky and South Carolina in top spots. It's all so...weird. Don't get me wrong though, weird in a very good way. If you look at the polls and think its terrible because "where's all the traditional powers?," well, you sir (or madam) are worse than Hitler. You probably also root for the Yankees while wearing a Manchester United shirt and staring at the Tom Brady Fathead on your wall.

I was actually able to find out about the Syracuse-Rutgers game on Sunday and was less than shocked by the outcome. I'm extremely bothered with myself for missing out on One-Year-Wonder-Gate. Robinson is unraveling quicker than Britney Spears' publicist (thank you, try the veal). Each week he's become testier, more bitter and spiteful. I think on some level he's beginning to accept that the end is drawing near, or at least inevitable, and its seeping up into his conversations and public thoughts.

In his recap of the game, Axeman wondered why Schiano left the 1st team offense in late into the game when it was already out of hand? Watch Schiano's face after the handshake with Greg Robinson. I think you've got your answer. (And to be honest, I will NEVER blame Rutgers for running up the score on Syracuse, West Virginia or Pitt. For all the times we've dropped 60-70 on them, we have it coming back to us)

Watching Robinson, doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about the guy? He knows he fucked up, he has to. At the very least he's been told that his comments could be construed negatively. So he's going out to talk to the guy who he basically insulted days previously with the opportunity to make amends, maybe take a little medicine but at least clear the air. Instead, Robinson pretends it never happened. Puts on a smile, shakes a hand, avoided responsibility and quickly retreats to "go gameplan or sumptin'" Now that I think about it...that's what Greg does every week, doesn't he?

I think Greg Robinson needs to be saved from himself right now. We'll get to his post-game comments shortly and its extremely clear the man is starting to crack. Say what you will of Charlie Weis and the troubles at Notre Dame but the guy, who is under 50X the scrutiny that Robinson is, is weathering his storm with a little dignity. The losses and the poor execution have chipped away at Robinson's coachspeak and politeness to the point where his truth self is being laid bare.

Besides Axe, be sure to check in with Donnie Webb and Orange44 for all the post-game analysis you could possibly stand.

Yes folks, its finally Buffalo week. And it's a must-win game.

Sudden Impact, baby!!!