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But More Important, Who's Andrew Robinson Taking To The Dance?!?

"What a weekend for Orange football fans!"

SUAthletics says it so you know it must be true. It's Homecoming Weekend! It's only apropos that we play Rutgers, as it was usually the Scarlet Knights (or Temple Owls) who we played on this weekend for many a year with the implied notion that we would destroy their souls to feed our homecoming spirit. Nowadays, when we're the pushover, I guess it's only fair Rutgers be the one to take that away from us.

Lots going on this weekend, lots going on indeed:

  • The return of three-time All-American Floyd Little.
  • A celebration of the University's Class of 1957 men's basketball and crew teams . The '57 basketball team was the first Orange squad to make the NCAA tournament.
  • A tribute to the 1964 and ’67 Orange football teams. The ’64 team finished with a 7-4 record while the ’67 group finished 8-2. (Good news for all those 7-5/8-4 Orange teams of the 90's, your celebration is only 20-30 years away! Somebody send Quentin Spotwood a Save-The-Date!)
  • Renowned country singer Larry Gatllin will sing the National Anthem and entertain the Orange fanatics with a "scintillating" (their words, not mine) halftime performance.
But homecoming isn't just about the football. It's also about having a good excuse to get drunk. Well, and some other stuff as well. If you plan on being in town, you have to check out Orange44's Guide to Homecoming. It's choked full of great ideas on what to do and where to go in between drinking binges. It even includes some updated options on where to do those binges (For the record, Maggie's blows). And if you plan on tailgating, a reminder to check out TexanMark's Syracuse Tailgating Guide.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

(Image: Jonathan Keegan)