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Be An Absolute Magician Anywhere You Go

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You can read Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician on the Internet. If you have one of those fancy phone-a-ma-jiggers you can read it on there too. But there isn't much else you can do with it, is there? But that's all about to change cause can WEAR it!

The initial line of TNIAAM-approved gear is available and ready for you. The perfect items for the discriminating, self-loathing Syracuse fan (and his or her dog/baby). Never fear again that you don't have an anti-West Virginia clothing item to proudly wear to the Dome. Never fret that you can't express your hatred for the current athletic administration via refrigerator magnet or via mousepad.

Let the world know that you love Syracuse a way that states "we're probably not going to win the game but we are going to defeat you in terms of banter-y apparel."

(And by God if you are kind enough to buy something and you photograph yourself wearing it, especially at a game, you will receive notice on the site and triple word score from me)