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Admit It, You're Gonna Miss Greg Robinson's Press Conferences When He's Gone

This weekend's Robinson Nuggets of Wisdom:

First off, The Three Idiots put Robinson's I-Don't-Know-Meter at six this week. That's a marked improvement from last week when Robinson purported to actually know things.

Robinson pulled off the extremely rare "quadruple-concern quote" as well when discussing Andrew Robinson:

"I'm concerned. I'm very concerned. He took one shot that I thought was a real tough blow where he got hit right when he was throwing. Nobody ever wants that for their quarterback, nor does the quarterback. It's a concern. It's always a concern."

At the box office this weekend, audiences smelled what the Rock was cookin' (shame on me), but apparently Greg Robinson didn't feel what the O-line was cookin':

"There have been times, too, where we haven't felt what the line is getting done. I can't tell you that it's the line that's breaking down because it isn't that way all the time. Some of it is you have to feel it and work it."

This next one, I'm just gonna lob out there and let you savor for all it's wonderful goodness:

"The one thing I will say; there are three teams tied for first in the Big East: Connecticut, South Florida and Syracuse. There are two that have no decisions and there are three teams without a win and with one loss. The most important thing to us is the opportunity to play in and win a BCS Bowl game - that's what we live for. We still have an opportunity to do that. We would have liked very much to beat Miami of Ohio and that's absolutely the fact, but what is is. Where we are heading is our choice and that's the way I look at it."

Donnie Webb writes, "What he says is true. It's just that sometimes, there are things probably better left unsaid."

And finally, the coach leaves you with, dare I say, a moment of clarity and truth that sums it all up...

"Well, I come in here and I tell you that … that was unacceptable. Obviously, our football team was not prepared properly, and that comes right to me."