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You Might Want To Stop Talking For A While Champ

Even in victory, Greg Robinson has a way with words.

On Andrew Robinson's performance:

"He's just a good player. I'm not going to tell you he's the greatest." (You truly are a master motivator, Greg)

On defensive end Jared Kimmel, who suffered a serious knee injury in the Louisville game:

"He's rare; he's rare. I think it's in the blood. He's different. His body is different."

On his upperclassmen's first impressions of Max Suter:

"I'm not certain they totally wanted to admit he could run, but they were telling me he could run."

On Andrew Robinson's (excuse me, A-Ro's) work ethic:

"I know this about him - he's not going to lose sight of reality. He's going to be real."