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Yom Kiplinks

  • Syracuse. Yom Kippur. The Big Lebowski. Three great tastes that taste great together...Loge Level (Cody, enjoy...)
  • Hooray, Dick Vitale think we have a lot of talent. Maybe he'll say dipsy-doo next!...ESPN
  • Saying "the good news is it's just his ACL that's torn" does not make me feel better about Andy Rautin's injury...Toronto Globe & Mail
  • Check out Syracuse commit (and future All-Porn name nominee) Trey Fairchild in via Syracusefan
Finally, there's no better way to welcome the incoming basketball class to Syracuse than with musical accompaniment. Donte, Jonny, Sean, Rick, Scoop and Kristof!, we'll be seeing you soon.

Okay, fine, twist my's some Lebowski for you as well...