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Ya Gotta Bereave!

Indulge me briefly. I know you came here to agonize over the Syracuse football team's misfortunes. Allow me a few moments to commemorate the failures of another orange and blue team.

What was most impressive to me about it was not that the Mets lost all of those games but who they lost to. The biggest payroll in the National League and with the talent they had, you almost had to be impressed that they could be so bad so quickly. Should Willie lose his job? I think he's a reprieve. Get the man a pitching staff that's not as patchwork as the Mets had all season. Get rid of some of the old fogies and start a little bit of a youth movement without sacrificing the centerpieces.

I'd wish the Phillies good luck but...they're the Phillies. Hopefully, we let the emotions fade a little bit before making rash decisions. I hate to see them blow up what is still a pretty good team, albeit one that played about as pathetically as possible in the last 2 weeks.

In the interim, I'd suggest that all Mets fans steer clear of sports websites for a few days, at least until the playoffs start. They're not taking too kindly to us at the moment.

And if I were a Northeastern team with orange and blue colors, I'd assume the worst this season. It hasn't worked out too well for the Orange and the Mets. Sorry Islanders fans, get ready.