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What Kind Of Official Acts We Talkin' About?

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I'm really enjoying Iowa week. All Washington really gave us was some silly comments from Ty Willingham about wind. Iowa's a team that knows how to provide some juicy ammo. They make fools of themselves on Facebook, they get arrested for credit card fraud, and now...

According to the police arrest docket, officers took Clint Huntrods into custody about 2:25 a.m. today at Prentiss and Dubuque streets. He faces charges of public intoxication, public urination and interference with official acts.
..Huntrods, 22, is a senior reserve long snapper for the Hawkeye football team.

Huntrods, who may or may not be going by his porn name, makes with a fantastic trifecta. And two days before gameday no less! Although...interference with official acts? They're just making charges up at this point, aren't they? Here's another report:

According to the police report, an officer spotted Huntrods urinating on a sidewalk. Huntrods ran after being told to stop, then was caught. The report says Huntrods had poor balance, red watery eyes, an odor of alcohol, and slurred speech...Huntrods declined a breath analysis test, according to the report.

As he should, I say. An odor of alcohol? What does that prove? My freshman roommate had an odor of cheese about him all year. Doesn't mean he was addicted to meunster (although it troubles me to this day what it did, in fact, mean).

I can't wait to hear what this guy has to say about this. My guess..."The Stalin-esque tactics of the Iowa City police must stop now!"