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We're Blue, Da Bo Dee Da Bo Dai

"Oregon of the East" isn't a mantle most schools would proudly wear, especially when it refers to their jerseys and not the style of play, but apparently its a label that Syracuse University would gladly have. If the orange-on-orange uniforms gave you the night terrors two weeks ago, you're in luck. For the rest of us, SU has ensured that the team with the nickname Orange will be in blue while their opponent will probably have more orange on their uniform than the Orange (make sense?). That's right, it's blue jersey day, says Donnie Webb.

No word on whether or not its white pants or orange pants but if we're looking to turn the Ugly-meter up to 11, I suggest orange.

Maybe its the "if every one's talking about our jerseys, they're not talking about how much we suck" strategy. Maybe we're wearing blue for "Patriotic Day!" Maybe Nike demands that we wear every color combination possible before the end of the season. Whatever the reason, the Three Idiots have a simple request: Pick A F@*king Color Combo and Stick With It!