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The Tippett Point

Some final news and notes to prepare you for the slaughter game:

Former Iowa defensive end Andre Tippett will be Iowa's honorary captain for Saturday's game against Syracuse. Tippett is one of five former Hawkeyes being inducted into the University of Iowa Athletics Hall of Fame this weekend.

Curiously, Iowa will not be featuring performances by any cover bands of circa-1970's rock bands before the game. Shame.

Iowa linebacker Jeremiha Hunter (death in the family), offensive lineman Bryan Bulaga(undisclosed injury) and long snapper Clint Huntrods (odor of alcohol) will miss the game.

The Syracuse-Iowa game will be Kirk Ferentz's 100th as Iowa head coach. Greg Robinson hopes to make it to 30.

Iowa fans have been encouraged to
"Be Bold and Wear Gold" for Saturday's game. Syracuse fans have been encouraged to "Please, wear something Orange, even if you don't want people to know so you just wear orange socks, that's totally cool, just wear anything."

The Big Ten Network is televising the game. If you live in the Syracuse area,
The Axeman has a confirmed list of places to go to watch the game. If you're like me and you live on the other side of the country nowhere near a Big Ten school, you're SOL. Or maybe not, considering how well this game might go for the Orange.

And so, I leave you with a final thought. I drove through Iowa once. I was driving cross country from New Jersey to California and of all the states I passed through, Iowa was by far the most boring (and that's saying something coughcoughPennsylvaniacoughcough). Just corn and wheat and whatever else they're growing out there as far as the eye could see. So Iowa, you
can keep your football and academics, because Syracuse will always be first in breathe-taking fall foliage...and gentlemanly club life.