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See Big East, Those Thursday Games Work Both Ways

Interesting evening for the Big East last night. If you were watching ESPN (and if you were you were either a Cincy Bearcat fan or lost the remote) you saw the Cincinnati Bearcats put on a clinic with the PAC-10's Oregon State Beavers. It's still early but Cincy has now outscored their opponents 93-6 and they've also laid down the gauntlet to Pittsburgh and South Florida in the "We're Number 4!" Big East Challenge.

Conversely, over on ESPN2 Louisville found themselves in a highly entertaining trackmeet with Middle Tennessee State, whom I only previously knew because they're routinely the worst team in EA Sports NCAA Football in any given season. Whereas Cincy had a coming out party, Louisville may have been exposed for all the nation to see. The game featured 1,284 yards from scrimmage and 13 touchdowns, almost half of which came from the team that lost last week to FAU.

Card Chronicle sums it up best..."What...the hell...was that?" I'm sure visions of emo children and kitten-redesigns were dancing in his head well into the 4th quarter before the Cardinals finally pulled away. Louisville face frisky Kentucky this week and they have been licking their chops watching the game last night and seeing Middle Tennessee average 10.1 yards per play.

As with the Iowa-Syracuse game last week, the Big East continues its march towards destroying high school football with another Friday night game this week,
Navy at Rutgers. It's no powerhouse but its a little bit more of a solid opponent to which the Scarlet Knights can be measured. Rutgers won 34-0 last year when Navy's star QB left the game early.

As for Saturday, West Virginia visits in-state rival Marshall in the Battle for the Couch Ash Jug. Pittsburgh is visited by a Division 1-AA team (Grambling State), something that doesn't sound as quaint and harmless as it did this time last week. Maine visits UConn and finally South Florida proves its mettle at Auburn. Could be a huge win for the Big East. Or it could be a loss coupled with Louisville's "win" that begins the "The Big East blows again" backlash.

(AP Photo/Ed Reinke)