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The Quest-O-Meter Returns!

Don't call it a comeback...well, actually LL, I think you actually can call it a comeback. Just a week after being retired, The Q-O-M pulls a Roger Clemens. Don't get too excited, the meter's still running pretty low, but who am I to write off a team that can pull off what they did on Saturday?

Now, a look ahead...

Team: Miami (Ohio)
Record: 1-3
Last Week: Lost to Colorado 0-42
How Fucked Are We?: Not very fucked at all, it seems now. The RedHawks got blown out by a Colorado team that can't be that much better than us. Their lone win was over frisky Ball State but against BCS opponents (Minnesota, Cincy, Colorado) they've underperformed and done worse with each successive game. Between their sagging energy and our newfound sense of "actually doing things right", we've got a good shot here.

Team: #5 West Virginia
Record: 4-0
Last Week: Eviscerated East Carolina 48-7
How Fucked Are We?: Oh, we're fucked. I think its best if we just move on.

Team: #10 Rutgers
Record: 3-0
Last Week: Bye
How Fucked Are We?: If a team does nothing to earn a top ten ranking and somehow gets ranked in the top ten, does it make a sound...or sense? I don't think anyone has any clue whether or not these guys are actually this good. They may roll us like West Virginia...or they may roll over like Louisville. Big game against Maryland this week.

Team: Buffalo
Record: 1-3
Last Week: Lost to Baylor 21-34
How Fucked Are We?: Okay so my The End is Nigh proclamation that we're going to lose to Buffalo may have been premature. That said, these guys aren't pushovers. They may not have beaten Penn State or Baylor but they put up 20+ points on both of them, which, depending on the Syracuse offense that shows up that day, could very well be enough. They take on Ball State, who is due for a soul-crushing loss typical after a loss like their Nebraska one.

Team: Pittsburgh
Record: 2-2
Last Week: Lost to UConn 14-34
How Fucked Are We?: Not very, it now seems. This may be a battle for control of the Big East Coaching Hot Seat by the time we play. With Virginia, Navy, Cincy and Louisville to get through, Pitt might not have much of a better record than us by the time we play.

Team: #18 South Florida
Record: 3-0
Last Week: Defeated North Carolina 37-10
How Fucked Are We?: Pretty much fucked. The Bulls are for real. They have a chance to stake their claim to the Big East when they host West Virginia this weekend. It's this year's version of the 2006 Rutgers-Louisville game.

Team: UConn
Record: 4-0
Last Week: Defeated Pitt 34-14
How Fucked Are We?: Not as much as it might seem. The current Big East leader (excuse me, co-leader, thank you very much), hasn't exactly set the world on fire, but credit where credit is due. They host a 2-2 Akron this week and then they get a real test at Virginia the following week. Then its the Big East gauntlet with Louisville, USF, Rutgers and Cincy. They're 4-0 now, but they won't be better than 5-5 by the time we play.

Team: #24 Cincinnati
Record: 4-0
Last Week: Defeated Marshall 40-14
How Fucked Are We?: Cincy continues to dismantle lesser teams the way a good team should. But how will they fare against talent? They get one more warm-up against San Diego State this week and then its a showdown with Rutgers which will tell you everything you need to know about both teams.

Your Family Fun Stat of the Week: Despite Louisville dropping out, The Big East has four ranked teams (West Virginia, Rutgers, South Florida and Cincy). If I were any kind of responsible blogger, I'd tell you that last time that happened. Alas...