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Prelude To An Ass-Kicking

Fantastic recap of what it was like on campus and at the game last week over at Orange 44 (we expect nothing less from Brian). He also includes a video of the Orange's run-on entrance...or should we call it a prance-on. I didn't see this on TV before the game and good thing...the second I would have seen the team barely maintain the task of walking in straight lines while slowly meandered onto the field in some bizzaro attempt to pump up the crowd, I would have known we were about to get the shit kicked out of us.

The uniforms. The field entrance. MiniKiss. Is there anything good that came out of last weekend?

Oh, and be sure to check out Brian's Facebook page for some photos from the new and improved Manley Field House trophy and memorabilia display. But don't try poking him once your there. I tried. The bastard disabled it.