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Oh Baby Baby, It's Hakim Warrick's World...

Thanks to Kirk R. who was kind enough to let me know that there's one more Cuse-related blogger in the world, but this time its not a bitter alumus taking jabs at nineteen-year-old kids he's never met. (coughcoughcough)

It's Hakim Warrick!

Welcome to Warrick's World. I've decided to register my planet with the steady expanding sports blogging universe, so get used to my orbit.

Just so you know, "get used to my orbit" is my new favorite phrase of all time. I can't wait to steal it.

Hak is just checking in, letting us know his summer was good. We can expect an update from training camp I assume and answers to some of the more pressing questions out there, such as the one posed by commenter Harvey_Bars: Have you hung with Darko yet? He seems like fun.