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Of Broken Dreams And Quest-O-Meters...

It's only the third week of the season and we are officially retiring the Quest-O-Meter. Along with New Coke and Crystal Pepsi, the Meter will go down as one of the great blunders of pop culture history. When people look back on this Syracuse team and realize that there will people out there who thought them bowl-worthy at one point...well...I can only pray that they assume it was Orange44's idea.

One feature that we won't be retiring just yet though, since its as timely as ever...the How Fucked Are We? Countdown:

Team: #18 Louisville
Record: 2-1
Last Week: Lost to Kentucky 34-40
How Fucked Are We?: Ohhhh boy. Vegas currently has us as 36 point underdogs, what does that tell you? The Cardinals are embarrassed, they're angry and they need to take it out on someone. Also, short of changing his name to Brian Brohmeisman, Brian Brohm is going to have to put up redonk stats the rest of the season to salvage his Heisman campaign.

Team: Miami (Ohio)
Record: 1-2
Last Week: Lost to Cincinnati 10-47
How Fucked Are We?: Possibly so, possibly not. Taking Minnesota to OT doesn't seem as impressive now that we know the Gophers suck. And they got manhandled by a very good team. So it remains to be seen what kind of chance we have in this one. They take on a weak BCS conference team this week (Colorado), should be a great barometer.

Team: #5 West Virginia
Record: 3-0
Last Week: Defeated Maryland 31-14
How Fucked Are We?: If we were a top ten team with a potent defense, I'd say we could hold our own. But we are not a top ten team with a potent defense. We are a bottom ten team with a porous defense. We are so so so so so screwed.

Team: #11 Rutgers
Record: 3-0
Last Week: Defeated Norfolk State 59-0
How Fucked Are We?: This score may or may not be a precursor to our game against the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers and its fans take great pleasure in whipping us, and to be honest I don't blame them after all the times we put up 50-60 points on them. It's gonna be ugly.

Team: Buffalo
Record: 1-2
Last Week: Lost to Penn State 24-45
How Fucked Are We?: I think we may actually be a little bit. They put a little fear into Penn State in the first half on the road, and Penn State is expected to win the Big Ten. There's no doubt that they CAN beat us, the question is will we stoop so low? And can we recover?

Team: Pittsburgh
Record: 2-1
Last Week: Lost to Michigan State 17-13
How Fucked Are We?: Probably somewhat but with a glimmer of hope. If there's any Big East team from the top or middle of the pack that has the potential to lose to us, its them. Keep your fingers crossed for more injuries (that's terrible...but true).

Team: #23 South Florida
Record: 2-0
Last Week: Bye
How Fucked Are We?: Yeah so that Auburn win loses a little luster but it still doesn't diminish the fact that these guys are good. And ranked. And we're not either of those things.

Team: UConn
Record: 2-0
Last Week: Defeated Temple 22-17
How Fucked Are We?: So let me get this straight. Buffalo destroys Temple. UConn squeaks by Temple at home. Does that mean Buffalo is better than UConn? Maybe we have a shot here. That it worth losing to Buffalo to know for sure???

Team: Cincinnati
Record: 3-0
Last Week: Defeated Miami (Oh) 47-10
How Fucked Are We?: While everyone's busy giving South Florida a reach-around, Cincy is quiet establishing themselves are the real Team Frisky of the Big East. They're going to either win 2 out of 3 from WVU, Rutgers and Lville, mark my words. As for us...please...

Your Family Fun Stat of the Week: In all of the "BCS Bowl Automatic Bid Eligible Conferences," (ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, Pac-10, SEC & Notre Dame) there are only two winless teams left. Notre Dame and Syracuse.