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It's Not Like You Won't Be Drinking Heavily At This Point Anyway

Let's face it, Syracuse football games are not the entertaining showcases they used to be. If anything, Cuse Nation is almost more intrigued to hear Coach Robinson talk himself out of why his team just lost 45-3 rather than actually watching the team lose 45-3. Well if you get a chance to see Robinson's post-game press conference, here's a little something to help make the experience that much more enjoyable.

The Greg Robinson Drinking Game:

Have a sip every time Coach Robinson:

  • Says the team has to "execute"
  • Refers to the opponent as a "very good football team."
  • Mentions that his team has or will be working "very hard" on something.
  • Ends a sentence with "…it really is."
  • Says the word "frustrated" or "frustration"
  • Uses the phrase "sooner than later"

Take two sips every time Coach Robinson:

  • Answers a question with an "either/or" answer ("Some of it was, some wasn’t", "Sometimes we executed, sometimes we didn’t")
  • Says the word "darn"
  • Re-asks the question to himself and then answers it ("Are they going to try and run the ball on us? I promise you they're going to try and run the football on us.")
  • Repeats himself in the same sentence ("If I can be helpful to the offensive staff, I'm going to be helpful to the offensive staff")

Take three sips every time Coach Robinson:

  • Blames everyone and no one at the same time ("I’m just trying to show that hey, it isn’t just players executing, but that is part of it. And it isn’t just coaches and their design; it’s all of the above.")
  • Starts a sentence with "I wish I could tell you…"
  • Uses the phrase "There are things we could have done better…"
  • If he ever talks about the team playing "softer" again.
  • Curses (it's a longshot but just in case)

Drink an entire beer and then punch yourself in the face every time Coach Robinson: