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  • Even in an arbitrary Tale of the Tape based on alumni and history, Illinois beats
  • When the All-Big East Porn Name Team is named, might I recommend Syracuse's Cody Catalina, Nicholas Chestnut, Chaz Cervino, Derek "All The Way" Hrinya, Parker "Yes He Can" Cantey, Rob Long, Maximilian Leo, Corey Chavers and Jawad "Big Wad" Neshiwat...The Extrapolator
  • A hearty good luck wish to Miguel "OfftheMeter" Rodriguez who is attempting the Ultimate Football Challenge, a cross-country trip to see 40 college football games in 40 stadiums across the country. Rodriguez has the good? fortune of starting his trip at the Carrier Dome two weeks ago. Let's hope he gets to see better games...The Ultimate Football Challenge