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How Dare You Defile Our Marketing Efforts

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I'm sure you're already way more riled up over a game between two 1-3 teams than you should be. There's plenty of incentive to go around...the Orange need this win on so many levels. We need it to prove our coaching staff is capable, we need it to prove our players are for real and we need it to prove that last week wasn't a fluke. A win turns gives the season a breathe of life and allows us to dream (however slightly) of going bowling. A loss and we're just another 1-4 bottom-feeder trying not to lose double-digits. You've got all the motivation you could possibly need to root for your Orange this week.

But just in case...

As you know a few years ago Syracuse dropped the men/women part of the nickname and became the Orange. SU also excised all variations of the Syracuse logo for one specific logo to be used in all cases, the block S. No more Carrier Dome logo, no more S-on-basketball logo and no more interlocking SU logo. Someone forgot to tell Miami University's printers as they used the old logo on the game programs.

To talk up your football team's chances against ours is one thing. But to purposefully and wantonly try to undercut our branding strategy,'s fucking on now, RedHawks....or should I call you Redskins???