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Gross on Gross

Hopefully, DOCTOR Daryl Gross has the foresight to not name his upcoming autobiography that.

In the meantime, Gross sat down with the Daily Orange today to discuss the Syracuse football team. Gross mastered the art of saying a lot but really not saying anything at all, even working in the same buzzword (linear) twice. Thank God for PR coaching.

Stressing patience and linear movement, Gross kept the party line for the most part, even daring to imply that Coach Robinson is still on a five-year plan (!).

I see it as a fluid thing. It's amazing how there's people who told me from the day I got here and before I hired a coach, 'Football is going to take five years. It'll take you five because the program is down right now.' Sometimes it does. Look at Greg Schiano at Rutgers. Do you think people weren't happy with him in year three? That thing didn't look like it was going to work. We have to remember that story where Greg Schiano was and now, all of a sudden, his program looks pretty good. Let's not forget that these things don't always go linear. Sometimes the stock drops a little bit, and then it goes back up.

Well we're all waiting for the stock uptick with baited breath.