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Eternal Sunshine Of The Thoughtless Mind

Let's take a look into Coach Robinson's latest press conference and see what nuggets if wisdom we can unearth?

Opening statement:
"I've been spending a lot of time these last couple of days watching Louisville on film. They are a very interesting football team..."

Okay, that's it. I'm done already. I can understand your trying to play the "Nothing to see here!" card but it ain't working. We don't give a crap about Louisville, no one expects you to win that game so no one really cares what BS "we're gonna try real hard" gameplan you throw against the wall. We want to talk about the other three games. We want to talk about the offensive ineptitude. We want to talk about your job security.

What do you have to say for yourself, Greg?

On what he sees as Louisville's weaknesses:
"I'm going to tell you this: they are very good."

MOTHER! One more chance, Greg. Set the record straight. Go...

On how important ball control will be to keep Louisville's offense off the field:
"Obviously, if we can control the football, it'll really help us."

Yes, coach. Obviously. Can you please say something that doesn't have to do with a game we have zero chance of winning?

"With Louisville, I think I see where there are a whole lot of points being scored and a whole lot of yards being gotten. Shoot, they must be licking their chops right now. Anyway, we're working hard and looking forward to getting started in the Big East and seeing if we can get things going in the right direction."

Jesus, if you're going to continue talking about this game can you at least PRETEND to be positive?

Okay fine, I think we're clear on Louisville. One final thought...

On whether he still has the support of the administration:
"Yeah, I believe that."

Funny, that was the one time I thought it would have actually been appropriate to say "I don't know."