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Don't Book That Room At The Toronto Best Western Just Yet

Some questioned the validity of the Quest-o-meter last week when it gave Syracuse a 40/180.

Some were right.

The problem has been corrected.

As we did last week, let's gaze into the crystal ball to find out...How Fucked Are We?

Team: Illinois
Record: 1-1
Last Week: Defeated Western Illinois 21-0
How Fucked Are We?: Much more-so than last week. Illinois proved they won't mess around with a lesser opponent and Syracuse proved they are a lesser opponent.

Team: #9 Louisville
Record: 2-0
Last Week: Defeated Middle Tennessee State 58-42
How Fucked Are We?: Thanks a lot MTSU. After embarrassing them on national TV, Louisville is majorly pissed off and looking to take it our on someone. They're probably gonna get a good game from Kentucky as well. Shit shit shit shit shit!

Team: Miami (Ohio)
Record: 1-1
Last Week: Lost to Minnesota 35-41 in 3OT
How Fucked Are We?: Probably more than we care to admit about a MAC team. The RedHawks took a Big Ten team to the brink on the road. They play Cincinnati this week so we'll get a very clear picture of where both teams stand and if they'll put up 30 on us or 50.

Team: #4 West Virginia
Record: 2-0
Last Week: Defeated Western Michigan 48-23
How Fucked Are We?: If we were a Top Ten team, we wouldn't feel too fucked. The Mountaineers have looked good but not awe-inspiring. But we're not a Top Ten team. We're 0-2 Syracuse. If God didn't want college football teams to score 70 points in a game he wouldn't have scheduled this one.

Team: #13 Rutgers
Record: 2-0
Last Week: Defeated Navy 41-24
How Fucked Are We?: About as much as Norfolk State, Rutgers opponent this weekend, is.

Team: Buffalo
Record: 1-1
Last Week: Defeated Temple 42-7
How Fucked Are We?: Sweet sassy molassy, please don't tell me we have to worry about them too! I know it was Temple but still, 42 points? We probably won't have scored 42 points all season by the time we play them. Shitballs!!!

Team: Pittsburgh
Record: 2-0
Last Week: Defeated Grambling State 34-10
How Fucked Are We?: Despite the lame scheduling they've done to this point, we have to assume a level of fuckedtitude just cause. Then again, Dave Wannstedt is involved. Dare they be the laughing stock of the Big East who loses to us? Is this what its come to for Syracuse fans?

Team: South Florida
Record: 2-0
Last Week: Defeated Auburn 26-23 OT
How Fucked Are We?: Extremely. By the way, if a Big Ten or Pac-10 team beats Auburn at Auburn, they're ranked, no questioned asked. South Florida does it...and everyone's gonna wait and see. I hate the polls.

Team: UConn
Record: 2-0
Last Week: Defeated Maine 38-0
How Fucked Are We?: If they're gonna keep putting up 40 points a game? Way too fucked for a game against UConn.

Team: Cincinnati
Record: 2-0
Last Week: Defeated Oregon State 38-3
How Fucked Are We?: Oh yeah, we're fucked. Cincy looks very frisky. While USF gets all the attention this week, Cincy will continue to play under the radar until its November and they're 8-2 and still mathematically alive for the Big East title. We'll be a bug on their windshield at that point.

By the way, here's a fun nugget you can carry in your pocket and keep with you to stay warm. The Big East as a conference is currently 14-2. Syracuse is 0-2.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.