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Despite Our Best Hopes, Other People Saw The Game Too

I just had to share this nugget of fun from Every Day Should Be Saturday. In their weekly Buy/Sell feature on teams you need to take notice of, EDSBS is buying on Washington. comes with a caveat:

It’s Syracuse. It’s Syracuse. Oh, my god, it’s one game against Syracuse, the worst fucking team in the Big East who quit in the third quarter, wear uniforms nicked off some dismal post-Soviet collapse Yeltsin-era Russian soccer squad, and have turned the Carrier Dome into the most horrifying and bewildering indoor environment since the Superdome during Katrina. You can just hear the motivational tapes playing in Greg Robinson’s head: EXCELSIOR!!! CONFIDENCE!!! POISE!!! EXCELLENCE IS THE PRODUCT OF PREPARATION PLUS SHIT DID THEY JUST SCORE AGAIN…

Seriously, should we just call it a season and try again next year?