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Daryl Gross Hearts Your Emails

After last weekend's loss you may have found yourself looking for someone to answer your questions. Something to ask "Why God Why?" Someone to be the Robin Williams to your Will Hunting and tell you "It's not your's not your's not your fault..."

I bet you didn't think that person could be DOCTOR Daryl Gross himself? Well two people did...and they got a response.

First, over at State of the Orange, the blogger sent this post to Doctor Gross' official email. Sunday night, he received a response:

Re: State of the Cuse : We Need a Change Now‏
From: Daryl J Gross (
You may not know this sender. Mark as safe Mark as unsafe
Sent: Sun 9/16/07 9:39 PM

My Orange Brethren,I received a call from Pete Carroll after the Nebraska game at about 3 am et. His message was a thank you for giving him the opportunity to coach at Sc. It reminded me of how long it took us to get to that point.Football is a slow turn, but when you fix it it seems like it was always good. Truth be told, it took us 10 years to have the greatest run in football history, but it was worth it.We will win here!!! (Not saying it will take 10 years!) That's all I know. I hear your concerns and as bad as you feel, I feel worse. I want you to know, I have been exposed to this situation before and will solve our football woes.Meanwhile, keep whatever faith you have left and be patient. This tough period will be a distant memory one day.

Let's go Orangemen,
Daryl Gross

I find it strange that Pete Carroll, winner of multiple national titles and BCS bowls, would feel the need to thank his former boss for the his job after an early-season win over a non-conference opponent. Nevertheless, DOCTOR Gross' form response to the many, many angry emails that showed up in his inbox provides just the right vaguery to allow you to read into his response whatever you want most. (Thanks to John M. for the heads up)

Then over on the Syracusefans forum, user orangeNauburn sent an email of his own to the good DOC:

----- Original Message -----
From: k t
To: Daryl J Gross
Sent: Sun Sep 16 13:13:43 2007
Subject: Coach Robinson

I appreciate your time reading this brief email. I want to believe in Coach Robinson. I need to believe in Coach Robinson. But I just can not. It is evident that he is unable to manage this program. The WCO is not going to be successful here. SU needs to adapt the spread offense. I see the effort of the players on the field, yet they seem lost and confused out there, and we have quickly been the talk of futility and embarassment on NATIONAL TV. If it were not for ND, we would be the worst D1 - excuse me - FBS team in America. I thought Coach was supposed to be a defensive guru - maybe his success was due to being at a high level program that already had NFL level talent on them. If you are looking to make a change - look no further than Buffalo (Turner Gill) or at UMass. Thank you for your time, and Lets Go Orange!

The response he received?

Very good take.
I appreciate it.

I'd like to think Gross was sitting at his computer at 3am with a half-bottle of scotch next to him as he sarcastically responded to each and every "ungrateful bastard" who emailed him with the same response. Then again, if someone's offering up the head coaches of Buffalo and UMass as the solution to all of his problems, I'd respond like a dick too.