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Big Eastie Boyz

Okay, I'd like to talk a little bit about this toughest schedule in the country thing and what a misleading stat that is.

First of all, its based on everything that's happened to-date, record-wise. Our opponents, played and upcoming, have a combined record of 13-3. Of course, by this time next week some of them will probably have a loss, and the week after that a few more, until we get to about week 7 and Syracuse has the #47th toughest schedule in the country.

And as Donnie Webb points out, "Of course, sitting in the No. 2 spot is Rutgers, a team with a ferocious non-conference lineup of Buffalo, Navy, Army and Norfolk State. Sad, really."

And you're honestly going to tell me that we have it harder than someone in the SEC? I'm a Big East homer as much as anyone else but let's not kid ourselves. Rutgers, Louisville and West Virginia are not LSU, Florida and Georgia. So don't go around bragging or anything, we should be out of the top ten in this department within 2 weeks. That said, for a team that needs to rebuild as badly as we do and for a team that needs to establish themselves in the national spotlight, shouldn't Syracuse and Rutgers swapped schedules at the beginning of the season?


Last night was Thursday and you know what that means, the Big East trivialized a great showcase game by playing it on a weekday night like the MAC. West Virginia beat Maryland 31-14 thanks to some "Devine intervention" (the first and last time I'll write that). Noel Devine scared the life out of WVU's future opponents by emerging as a third offensive threat with 136 yards behind Steve Slaton's three touchdown performance. The Mountaineers looked sloppy at times and it remains to be seen if they could hang with a Florida or an LSU, but they certainly won't have any problem with us.

Around the Big East this weekend, Pittsburgh gets their first real test of the season when they travel to Michigan State. Temple visits UConn, who will likely continue to score points like their Texas Tech. Cincinnati visits Miami of Ohio, a game Syracuse fans should keep an eye on as we play both of them. Rutgers lays down the gauntlet and defends their castle against mighty Norfolk State (1-AA). Finally, Louisville is coming off a shaky win and Kentucky can be described as "frisky". Kentucky hosts the Cardinals in a recipe for disaster. Naturally, this means the Ville will win 41-10.

(AP Photo/Nick Wass)