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The Big East: Where Everyone's A Winner...Almost

Taking a look around the conference match-ups this weekend:

North Carolina (1-2) at #23 South Florida (2-0)

After a well-earned bye week, the nationally-ranked South Florida Bulls hosts North Carolina this weekend. The Bulls will look to improve to 3-0 for the second consecutive season in what is their final tune-up before West Virginia. Hopefully for them, they don't look ahead.

: South Florida 35, North Carolina 24

East Carolina (1-2) at #5 West Virginia (3-0)
Depending on what point of the game you catch West Virginia, they either look unstoppable or they look sloppy. Clearly, they have weapons. Their #3 offensive threat would probably be the #1 threat on any other Big East team (Noel Devine). East Carolina has frisky written all over them (not literally, that would be weird). Plus, it was Talk Like A Pirate Day Wednesday. Are the stars aligning for the Pirates? West Virginia seems shaky enough to let this become a game
but not enough to lose.
Prediction: West Virginia 45, East Carolina 35

Marshall (0-3) at Cincinnati (3-0)

Cincy is already ranked in the BlogPoll and they're not too far out from the AP/Coaches either. Sure, they haven't played a formidable schedule as of yet but its been impressive nonetheless. Expect more of the same from them this week. These guys are gonna be 5-0 by the time they role into Rutgers on October 6th.

: Cincinatti 38, Marshall 13

Connecticut (3-0) at Pittsburgh (2-1)

Actually a bigger game, at least as far as Big East placement goes, than it seems. Both of these teams have giant questions hanging over them and at least one will be revealed as a phony. Everyone fully expects Pittsburgh to finish in the 6-6/5-7 range again and they did nothing to disprove that last week against Michigan State. UConn, who had previously throttled Duke and Maine, had to steal a victory from Temple (!!!) at home. They may just be the worst 3-0 team in the country. We shall find out.

: Pittsburgh 17, UConn 16

Syracuse (0-3) at #18 Louisville (2-1)

It's not a question of "if", really, just a question of "by how much?" Syracuse has done the amazing job of making Jake Locker and Juice Williams look like
Heisman candidate, when the truth is, Andrew Robinson has better passing efficiency numbers than both of them. Did you see who's #6 on that list? Brian Brohm, an actual Heisman candidate.

It's weird to say but Louisville has a lot to prove this week. They not only have to bounce back from the Kentucky loss but they also have to make up for the Middle Tennessee game (MTSU is 0-4, fyi). Expect the Cardinals to use and discard Syracuse like Senator Craig throwing away a used three-pack of condoms in a bathroom stall at the Minneapolis-St Paul airport (What? too topical?).

The Three Idiots have compiled some Louisville single-game records that have plausible chances of being broken on Saturday. I guess it all depends how long they leave the starters in for.

: Louisville: 51, Syracuse 13 (missed extra point, natch)

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AP Photo/Jeff Gentner and AP Photo/Mike Groll