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The Battle For Six Wins

A college football head coach at a prominent university is in his third season. He has coached twenty-five games and won five of them. Who is he?

You're right, that could be one of two people. Let me narrow it down for you.

One of those coaches is not under much duress because he's got a Top Ten recruiting class waiting in the wings. The other coach does not. The first
coach proved he could succeed (modestly) in his previous gig. The second coach has no such experience. The first coach has people looking at the future of his program positively. The second...not so much.

One of those coaches will climb the Everest Mountain that is the Six-Win Plateau on Saturday. The first coach, Ron Zook, has a good shot. The second coach, Greg Robinson, well...he doesn't know.

Zook does have some
encouraging, albeit not at his own expense, words for Robinson:

"It’s not (Greg Robinson’s) first rodeo. He’s been in it a long time. He’s a good football coach, and he’ll be fine. I just hope he waits a week."