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Attend The Syracuse-Illinois Game Or The Terrorists Win

The SU Athletic department continues to dip into the Attendance-generating Grabbag. This week they play on your nostalgia, inviting Tim Green and John Mackey back to campus, the latter for a jersey-retiring ceremony. They also pulled the savvy guilt card on you this weekend by naming the day Patriotic Day! (gotta include the !) and inviting some local heroes to the game.

Deputy Commander Col. Yaple’s presence during the coin toss will serve to acknowledge all men and women who risk their lives for the safety of the community.

In other words, "Stop bitching about the state of Syracuse football you insufferable bastards, its just a game. But since you're here, be sure to buy our Patriotic Day! Official Program for $20."

I'm just curious to see how MiniKiss handles "America The Beautiful."