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America's Team

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America has a new sweetheart, and it ain't the chick that plays Ugly Betty (although she is so damn precocious!) Everywhere you look, the Orange are feeling the love.

Sports Illustrated named them Team of the Week:

The Orange were 0-3 and 36.5 point underdogs coming into the game. (My brain-deficient buddy just asked me how a team can score half of a point. Am I allowed to smack him?) No way did Syracuse have a chance in this one. Then the 'Cuse dropped 423 passing yards on the Cardinals and pulled off a 38-35 victory.

USAToday named Andrew "Zod" Robinson the
Player of the Week:

Syracuse's quarterback helped the Orange win their first road Big East game in three years, throwing for a career-high 423 yards and four touchdowns in the 38-35 upset of then-No. 19 Louisville.

And the one honor Orange Nation appreciates over all others, ESPN has
removed us from The Bottom Ten. Our replacement? Sorry, Louisville...

Yep, everything's coming up Cuse this week. Enjoy it while you can, folks. You never know when another 35-0 loss is coming around the corner to take it all away.