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Zut Alors!

Andy Rautins tears his ACL playing for the Canadian National Team the same time that I am in Canada. Coincidence? Unlikely.

Actually, it happened right before I left which I should have taken as a sign that my trip would end with my in a Saskatoon prison. Luckily, my stay in the Saskatchewan Correctional Facility was short-lived and I had a superb time in the most underrated party city in North America...Montreal.

Anyway, so yeah, Rautins is done for the year. Rautins probably wasn't a starter and I expect that his playing time would have been challenged greatly by some of the freshman. But still, losing Rautins on the perimeter is a huge blow. I've read the stat that "SU went 12-0 last year when Andy scored in double-digits" and I don't doubt that Rautins' impact will be sorely missed. I don't know who's going to fill those shoes as the obligatory "SU-guy-only-known-for-shooting-threes" and that hurts our offense immensely. Please oh please let these freshman be as good as we think they are...