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West Virginia Students Party. Ice Melts. The Sun Rises.

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West Virginia University is No. 1 on the Princeton's Review's annual list of the nation's top party schools, edging out Mississippi, Texas, Florida and Georgia for the title. It's West Virginia's seven time on the list in the past 15 years.

Mountaineers are also #6 on the "Lots of beer" list, #7 on "Lots of Hard Liquor," and #11 on the "Reefer Madness" list. Personally, I'm a little let down by these numbers. You can't give me one good reason they aren't number one in every category. THEY'RE IN WEST's not there's anything else they could possible be doing other than chugging Meisterbrau and smoking doobies.

What about the Cuse? What kind of
hard-partying hijinks have we gotten ourselves into?

#18 - Best Newspaper.

What booze? no drugs? Not even Top 20 on the "Lots of Vicodin" list? For shame, Orange. For shame...

Regrets to Albany, who made a George Mason-type run in 2004 to the top of the party list. They're all they way down at #20 now. The State of New York expects more of its college students and we can't count on those do-gooders at NYU.