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The Tostitos School Of Public Communications Does Have A Nice Ring To It

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According to USA Today, The University of Iowa is considering whether to rename its College of Public Health after Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield's foundation in exchange for a $15 million gift from the company's philanthropic arm. By doing so, Iowa would be the first public university to name a college after a corporation.

As you can imagine, there are supporters and detractors:

"We're close to the tip of the sword for an AT&T School of Business or a Kodak School of Digital Communication. I can see that as not so far off," Terry Burton, a naming-rights consultant, said.

It's a delicate partnership, said Randa Safady, a vice chancellor at the University of Texas. "It's important that the public and we all don't equate the generosity of corporations with selling out," she said.

Personally I think the possibilities are endless. Your LeanPockets School of Management diploma comes with a Buy One Get One Free coupon for the LeanPocket of your choice (Philly Steak and Cheese, please!). A lesson in economics even after you leave the classroom.

Murray's Bail Bonds' College of Human Services and Health Professions. I can't think of many better human services than bail bondsmanship. Synergy!

It's even a great way to promote local business, all students in Faegan's Bar & Grill College of Engineering and Computer Science get a 40 oz. beaker at the beginning of the semester to present anytime they're at the bar that's good for $1 drafts all year long.

Source: Barker Blog