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Thumpin' Around

You may remember a while back reading about the Free Thump Belton movement. Former Syracuse fullback Keith Da'Shawn "Thump" Belton got a tryout with the Denver Broncos this off-season. a Denver Broncos fan with the screen name Fan in Exile, upset that other fans were assuming Thump was a goner, decided to start a movement to champion Belton on behalf of longshots everywhere...and because it would be really cool to have a FB called Thump.

Well unfortunately, the Broncos took the movement's name a bit too literally on July 28th and freed him from his contract and duties. All hope might have seemed lost but it seems Thump either made a good enough impression on somebody or has a really solid agent cause as of yesterday he was in the Detroit Lions' camp. As far as I can tell from the current Lions depth chart, Belton is only one of two true fullbacks in camp. However a bruiser like T.J. Duckett could certainly step into that spot as well.

Belton was originally signed by the Lions as a free agent in 2004 but didn't make it through camp.

For now, the plight of "Fan in Exile" continues and the Thump Belton movement lives on, just in a lighter blue color.