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This Won't Be Awkward At All

As you already know, Syracuse is doing away with the varsity swimming and diving programs after this season. SU and DOCTOR Daryl Gross have gone to great lengths to appease the dissenters in this decision but for the most part the story has been shoved to the backburner. It's probably in the best interest of the Syracuse Athletics Department and Gross if supporters and alumni of the Syracuse swimming and diving programs don't get together in a public forum, especially one in Syracuse.

And so...Supporters and alumni of the Syracuse swimming and diving programs
will be getting together in a public forum in Syracuse, courtesy of the Syracuse Athletics Department.

It's the 25
th Anniversary of the 1982 Syracuse University swimming and diving team, who took home 12 individual event titles and the team Big East title. In honor of them, there will be a reunion this weekend in the city and on campus. The event also randomly includes a celebration of the 1996 Big East champion team, so while the event is being called a reunion, its probably more apt to call this The 2007 Celebrate Any Significant Event In The History Of Our Swimming And Diving Teams To Save A Little Face-A-Thon.

Events will include a round of golf at Drumlins (all inebriated students trying to play 18 holes with a 7-iron, a sand wedge and a bottle of Makers will be removed from the course), a tailgate at Webster Pool (cause nothing makes a BBQ better than the overwhelming stench of noxious chlorine) and tickets for the football game that weekend (Miami of Ohio...cause we gotta pack that stadium somehow). The weekend will also include human barricades, preventing any reunion members from getting too close to the hockey rink, lest they decide to egg it.