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They'd Rather Spend Time In Jail Then Play Syracuse

Two weeks ago when I noted that Washington Husky corner Jordan Murchinson had been charged with a felony and faced a suspension or worse, I assumed it was an isolated incident.

Things happen, people make mistakes, it's all coincidental. Or is it? The evidence is starting to get a little too much to ignore. College football players seem to be falling over themselves to commit crimes so that they'll be locked away safely in jail, rather than come face-to-face with the brute force that is Syracuse Orange football.

Look at the evidence:
  • Andre Dixon and Corey Stringer from the UConn Huskies have both been suspended indefinitely for an unspecified violation of team rules. (i.e. - They begged off the team rather than take their chances Nov. 17th)
  • James Thomas and Ellis Lankster, two West Virginia University football players were arrested over the weekend and charged with transferring and receiving stolen property. Coach Rodriguez is determining their punishment (as in whether or not he'll sit them the entire SU game or just most of it.)
  • Iowa's sophomore wide receivers Dominique Douglas and Anthony Bowman have been suspended indefinitely by the team following an arrest on Sunday for unauthorized use of a credit card (to purchase one-way tickets to the farthest point on the globe away from Syracuse, NY)
Factor in all the off-season legal trouble over at South Florida and the assumedely-illegal recruiting transgressions by Ron Zook over at Illinois and you can't help but see the twisted logic of it all. We've been underestimated the Orange this whole time. They've lulled us into a false sense of security in their mediocrity. And if each of these universities still have enough unconvicted players on the roster by the time they play Syracuse, they'll learn too.