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Syracuse Gives Bad Helmet

You better buy the current version of the Syracuse football uniform now cause at the rate we're going it'll be completely different in two years.

Case and point, in a matter of four years, we've made the following progression in helmet design:

Orange44 has already laid out the finer points of the new helmet:

"these helmets are kind of ugly"
"this dark navy blue looks like ass"

And of course, what would a new helmet presentation be without a look at that infamous NY sticker we've all been hearing so much about:

Um...question. Let's say you're not familiar with the Syracuse football team and you happen upon a game of theirs one day. You see the block initials "NY" on the back of their helmet. Isn't your first thought "What SU grad with the initials NY just died? Did Ned Yost go to Syracuse?"

Not that I'm suggesting they put the NY in a giant New York State map or a big apple (please let no one with decision-making authority read that) on there but...its rather nondescript as-is, isn't it?

I feel like I should be ranting and raving more but at this point it feels useless. The Syracuse uniforms seem to be in some kind of rotation from now on so even if you hate something, don't fret, it'll be gone in 2-3 years anyway. When you make a deal with Nike, you make a deal with the uniform devil. Just ask Oregon, Miami and Florida.